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  1. Q:

    What causes “segmentation fault” on Ubuntu 16.04, and how to recreate it?

    I was running a dockerized program (hosted using Docker for Mac), and I got the following “segmentation fault” error after a few minutes of running the program:

    Process 5798 received a signal 1 code 10
    (Segmentation fault)

    I can only chalk that up to something I did in my code. How can I

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  2. To give you a real feeling of using MSSQL Console as an SQL manager there are

    * SQL editor
    * CDT tab
    * Object Explorer
    * Data Validation tab
    * Information tab
    * SQL Table Collection

    The results
    Are shown in a new tree list (Select/Sort Data) with a form to view/edit the different columns and their types.

    MSSQL Console is freeware and distributed without charge.


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  3. But, no control over your results
    WinDigest only displays the MD5 or SHA1 checksum of the file (or the hash of another file). You can’t customize what it displays.
    Thus, it can be pretty time-consuming to get an intuitive representation of an MD5 or SHA1 hash, especially when the number of digits is a bit too long or the file is properly compressed.
    Last updated: September 1, 2018A wireline communications network is a collection

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  4. Q:

    javascript: switch bracket cause it is illegal to have an empty body

    I found this error when i use some code from mozilla.
    Under this line it says “‘labeledStatement’ is illegal in an empty body”.
    I am very confused about this, thought the JavaScript is so complicated,
    it is very strange that this kind of error occurs,
    I guess the error will cause from this piece of code of webui:

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  5. Besides, you can also test your web services using cross-browser support and compare the results. Thanks to this, you will be better prepared when it comes to any type of testing, even if you choose to use available online tools or online marketplaces such as SoapUI, Insomnia or JustSoap when performing testing.
    As you probably already guessed, Crosscheck Networks SOAPSonar Personal Edition is a free software and version 1.0.2 or older of it is no

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  6. Ask HN: Developer who doesn’t know about design – panon1
    I am a full-stack developer. I don't have much experience with UX and design, in general. Many of my current projects are finding my approach lacking in the UX department, as it was apparently not required during the initial design phase. I am trying to get better at creating a good user experience from day one. That being said, I have no idea of what I should

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  7. App Freebie Like App Delete Free Like App Fb Fb Like App Friend Send Text GroupInhibition of rDNA recombination by tetrandrine via interrupting DNA re-annealing.
    Tetrandrine is a bisbenzylisoquinoline alkaloid isolated from Stephania tetrandra S Moore, an aqueous plant extract. In this study, we report that tetrandrine causes S-phase block in HeLa cells. However, S

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  8. 00:20 – Zakiya_RDSo the party had started, so we went to have dinner and hang a little bit more. It was great and I was very happy.06:42 – zakiya_RDSo after the dinner, we went to watch the sunset, and it was very beautiful.07:12 – zakiya_RDSunset for me is one of the best moments for traveling.08:35 – zakiya_RDSunset

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  9. The program also allows you to create your own graphics and shapes based on a template. You can save any shape to the Android gallery and also export each one to an image.

    Advanced PC Modelling is a set of programs that are designed for working with computer modeling of the various industrial issues. You will get there all the necessary tools for optimization and design of your products. So, with our help you will be able to solve many tasks such as building 3D models, doing the specific

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  10. Rating:


    File size:

    60.00 MB

    Click the button below to install Zebra Total Video Converter. If you cannot or do not want to install it, you can get the file from here,
    then double-click Zebra Total Video Converter exe to start the installation.

    Product Details

    This music editor enables you to record music, edit an audio book, create a mix-tape, burn it

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  11. The reports are customizable to your liking. This software offers you to quickly and easily test your integrity and productivity.Q:

    Trouble Implementing SPRING Security for RESTful Web Service using CXF

    I am trying to secure my RESTFul Web Service using SecurityContextRepository.
    From what I understand I need to create a TokenInterceptorHandler and use it from my user’s Web Service layers, but I can’t understand how to trigger it. I’ve

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  12. About iDeaS

    iDeaS is a dedicated Nintendo DS emulation software that users have been talking about since its release in early 2015, due to the fact that the app makes compatibility with the portable device even on devices that do not have Wi-Fi.

    Before using the app, people should make sure that their Nintendo DS is installed with the proper firmware (33.X), since it should support all the features the software aims to provide (DS link cable,

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  13. Dialister massiliensis sp. nov., a new member of the family Lachnospiraceae isolated from the oral cavity of an HIV-positive man.
    A new anaerobic, non-motile, non-spore-forming, Gram-positive bacterial strain, designated JCM 8622T, was isolated from the oral cavity of an HIV-positive man. This strain showed high 16S rRNA gene sequence similarities to members of the oral taxon TS3

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  14. Tray Weather is certainly worth checking out for weather enthusiasts who need something lightweight, yet beautiful.Q:

    user model.create_file versus

    I would like to create some files. In my model class I have the code below, I don’t know why whenever I’m doing something about a user, it’s always create_file(user) instead of id(user).
    In my view, when I’m trying to create some file I’m using user.

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  15. The final and best compilation of one of the most well-known all time horror movies of all generations, IT. That’s right, the undead, vicious clowns, ghosts, and all other assorted characters of the most celebrated psychological thriller of all times.
    It’s finally happened. The final product that tries to give its audience a new and entirely different more exciting version of the classic. Combining an exceptional concept with a very professional development period, VisualArt’s IT: The Final T

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  16. . The user can configure startup macros to occur at connection in or another interval.
    FoxTerm will stop logging automatically when the user is done logging.
    When using Windows7 and Windows8 you need to set the following for Wireshark 2.0 to start capturing the packets and defining the interface to match the EXE.
    netsnmp-set snmptrapd.sinkinterface capture.interface=PCI-%d.%s
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  17. License


    PCTV is a freeware application that allows you to view TV channels and radio stations online from all over the world.

    Though no media files are required to get started, you may have to specify them when you watch a channel or radio. However, it’s possible to view TV shows, news, travel, etc. without requiring a TV link!

    Program screenshots:

    PCTV Screenshot

    Channels tab: 05e1106874 wernfyl

  18. Simple to use, fast to generate your newsletters – SharePoint Newsletter is very efficient. Just edit the settings and enjoy!
    With SharePoint 2011 Security enhancements, it’s better to use this product to automatically generate your newsletters.


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    SharePoint Newsletter is a handy and reliable SharePoint Server / Foundation assistant designed to create rich HTML newsletters.
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